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Fundamentals of Carpentry

A two day intensive workshop teaching the basics of carpentry exclusively to BIPOC, queers, gender queers, and women.

When Shane Eazor reached out to us in the summer to propose a two day intensive workshop teaching the basics of carpentry exclusively to BIPOC, queers, gender queers, and women, we were honored to be asked to host. Shane and Lily worked with us on the plans to replace our existing garbage shed with a new structure for storage and trash/recycling.

Putting New Skills into Practice

  • Our Carpentry Educators went over the safe use of manual and power tools and provided step by step instruction and guidance.

  • The participants worked in small teams on different aspects of the build.

Empowered to build together.

Over two days our team of carpenters and learners built a small storage shed and in the process learned about construction drawings, common building materials, hand tools, power tools, and how to assemble everything. We built walls, a roof, and applied roofing and siding.

Our goal was for participants to come away from this community-offering with new skills to share in order to continue to resist systemic oppression and grow our ability to be on land together in a regenerative way.



Day One - 09/23/2023

  • Morning

    • Introductions, arriving

    • Review construction plans

    • Evaluate lumber

    • Intro to tool belt and common hand tools

    • How to measure, mark, and cut lumber

  • Lunch 12:30-1:30

  • Afternoon

    • Cut framing members for walls

    • Begin assembling and raising walls

Day 2 - 09/24/2023

  • Breakfast 8:00-9:00

  • Morning

    • Finish raising walls

    • Cut and install roof rafters

    • Install metal roofing

  • Lunch 12:30-1:30

  • Afternoon

    • measure and cut siding boards

    • Install siding

    • Install windows and door

Building community through shared learning experiences.

Meals and break times provided moments to talk and connect. The conversations around how we imagine a future that includes all voices, and cares for the Earth, were inspirational and up lifting. It was wonderful to learn how each participant was contributing within their local and regional communities, centering love and healing.

Blessings & Thank You!

Our participants: Misuk, Pranav, Amber, Dima, Rose, Nipa, Prathana, Gianni, Siobhan, & Maya all worked together as an amazing team. Thank you to Shane Eazor, Lily Hammerling, Brian Hsiang, Najat Croll, and Saturn Millner for their amazing work as educators, builders, and community activists. Blessings and gratitude to Kenya Lazuli, of Radical Imagination, for their fund raising support to help make this possible. Grateful to Cocinó de la Cruz and Moon and Stars for the delicious meals they donated to feed the group.

Thank you most of all to the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community that came out to learn and build together!

Thank you for investing your time and energy in helping to build Kindred as a new community cooperative. We have planted a seed and this community has come to care and nourish us as we grow.
This is the revolution and it starts with us.


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