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Support Our Work

There are many ways for you and your family to get involved in the movement for food justice and environmental sustainability. Support our community outreach, and help us expand access to this educational opportunity, to low-come families, by becoming a sponsor.


We want to make this program available to those most in need. In order to build community and work in areas most affected by racial and economic injustice, we have begun renovating a School Bus, La Jolie Journet, into a mobile classroom/art space. The intention is to offer a variety of seasonal classes for children and adults, as well as travel to locations to teach,  help in permaculture and agroforestry projects,  and learn from those already doing this work. 

Donate without a gift


Because you believe in the work

Support the project for no reward.

Your donation will help us buy seeds for the Chez 21K and Yamecah food forests .

Handwritten Thank you card

$15 or more

A hand written thank you postcard.


Your donation will help us purchase and repair tools for our various projects.

Friendship Bracelet

$20 or more

A hand knotted friendship bracelet,  to acknowledge that you are a friend in this movement.

Your donation will help us replenish   art supplies for our classes.

Original Lino-cut Print

$50 or more

5" x 8" hand pulled original linoleum cut print.

20 available

Your donation will purchase a fruit or nut tree for the food forest.

Teeny Tiny 

oil painting

$100 or more

1" x 2" hand painted tiny landscape paintings. 4 available 

($150 or more)

4" x 4" still-life paintings. 

5" x 5" still life paintings.

Your donation will cover the cost of tuition for a child taking an art or nature class.

Still - life oil painting

$250 or more

Small oil paintings on panel or aluminum, sizes 9 x 12 -  16" x 20".

Examples at #ninabuxenbaumstudio

Your donation will allow us to purchase a fruit or nut tree to build a food forest system.

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