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Agro-Forest Food System

Learn how agroforestry mimics the biology, and ecology of the forest creating a bounty with no till, no irrigation, that is more resilient to climate change. If you would like help planning and implementing your backyard food forest, we can help! Send us an email by hitting the contact button at the bottom of the page. We can help you plan, and walk you through the steps to get started, even if you are not local. 

Become a WWOOFer

Would you like to help us on the farm? You can visit and work on the land as we build this food system. Find out more about the WWOOF program here.


Seasonal Produce

Eat for the season and harvest from your growing food forest. Planting native plants and perennials that thrive and self seed will build resiliency in the food system, and promote biodiversity.



Plant fruit and nut bearing trees and shrubs to create an edible paradise. Trap carbon and build soil with native plants and trees.

Organic Compost

Letting leaves stay where they fall  will not only rebuild depleted soil but will also welcome back important insect activity.  Composting your kitchen scraps will create rich nutritious fertilizer, reduce your waste, build healthy soil, and trap tons of carbon each year.

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