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Group Retreats

Kindred Creative Residence + Agro-Forest, would like to welcome your group, or organization, to a unique haven nestled on 66 acres of enchanting forest, expansive fields, and meandering streams. Our space is more than just a retreat; it's a vibrant ecosystem with a small organic farm transitioning into an agro-forest food system.


As proud members of the Woodlots program, we serve as a vital natural corridor for migrating animals and birds, contributing to the richness of biodiversity. The harmony of nature is not only preserved but celebrated within our grounds.


At Kindred Creative Residence, we are not only stewards of the land but also artists and educators. Throughout the seasons, we curate a selection of classes and workshops that allow you, and your group, to connect with nature, art, and sustainable living. Immerse yourself in our creative community, where learning is an integral part of the experience.


Should you wish to delve deeper into the arts or sustainable practices during your stay, we invite you to register for our seasonal courses or private lessons. Explore the possibilities and enhance your connection with the land through our offerings. We can help you create a unique and healing experience for your members.


Join us in fostering creativity, learning, and a deep appreciation for the natural world at Kindred Creative Residence + Agro-Forest.

*Catered meals available for an additional fee depending on the size of your group.

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