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Apprentice Earth 

Edible Learning Spaces

An educational program focused on creativity, agroforestry, and permaculture.

We offer a variety weekend workshops for children and teens, as well as art and agroforestry classes for adults and families. Our courses vary by the season so keep checking back to see what we have going on.

Weekend Workshops


Class is Full
Registration is Closed

Apprentice Earth

Fundamentals of Carpentry

September 23rd & 24th

9:00am -  5:00pm

FREE of charge, exclusively to Queer, Genderqueer, Femme and BIPOC folks.


Donations are welcomed


Plant A
Food Forest

Fall Session



15 Person Limit

*Dates TBD once we have raised the funds to purchase the trees and supplies.


Wildlife Tracking

Winter Session



15 Person Limit

*Send an email to let us know of your interest in this workshop.

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